Valentines Day has always been a favorite of mine. My first date with my husnand was on Valentine’s Day. I still love the buying, making, writing and sending of cards to people who are special. I have been enriched this winter by the book All About Love by bell hooks, challenged to dig deeper, continued to expand my understanding. A journal of art and practice called Love Never Fails, by Hilda St. Clair, Paraclete Press, has pushed me to muse and sketch more widely about loving ones who for me are not natural to love. I hear with clarity the charge from the bookoof Ephesians 5:2: walk in love!

I offer here my musings for this Day of Loving and Walking:

  • I am walking in love today with memories or persons, place and thing that have brought me joy.
  • I am walking today is love with all the Big Personalities that make up my family, and the trails. the fields and sea lanes they invite me to explore.
  • I am walking in love today with new friends and neighbors who come from different places and experiences.
  • I am walking in love today with people who offer services that help me to function and to thrive–sales clerks, medical experts, especially people whose skill opens tha way to my freedom.
  • I am walking today in love with those who are are a distance, whose faces I have not seen fro a long time, but who dwell in my heart.
  • I am walking today in love with those with whom I disagree, my “enemies,” those with whom I disagree, who bring out the worst in me, those who cause me grief…Spirit. help me!
  • I am walking today in love with those whose need overwhelms me, and I don’t know how be helpful, kind, or to make a difference…Holy One, empower me!
  • I am walking in love, in gratitude, for myself, for the One who made me just the way I am.

I am grateful for Love shown, Love felt, Love offered! Happy Valentine’s Day!